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Negotiations with Messi Break Down Over Compensation Package

By Michigan Jaguars FC, 08/06/21, 11:15AM EDT


NOVI, Mich. - The club is disappointed to report that contract negotiations with Messi have broken down, and  the Argentine international will head back to the transfer market.

Messi was not happy when he discovered most of his weekly wages would be paid in the form of gift cards for the Total Sports Grill.

"Total Sports was kind enough to provide a bunch of gift cards for the Grill to help us meet Messi's enormous salary demands," said Executive Director Paul Tinnion. "The Grill has gotten our staff through so many long tournament days over the years. Their Wicked Chicken Sandwich is incredible. We are still quite shocked that Messi wasn't happy with the deal." 

The club has no further comments at this time as we prepare for the first week of fall training.