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Alumni Q&A | Jackson Lovchuk

By John Kopko, 12/14/19, 11:30AM EST


Coach Andy sat down with College of Wooster freshman Jackson Lovchuk.

Coach Andy sits down with Jackson Lovchuk (Jaguars '19) to discuss his first year at the College of Wooster. 

Why did you decide to attend your current college?

The College of Wooster has a strong community that was apparent during the admissions process. They make you feel like a part of the family and welcomed me with open arms. During your senior year at the college you complete an independent research project based on the topic of your choice. One of my teammates is creating a model to predict the winner of the Champions League this season for his project. The community, academics, and soccer culture led me to choosing the school.


What is your favorite part of being a student-athlete at the collegiate level?

My favorite part of being a college soccer player is playing the sport I love everyday with some of my closest friends.


Have you played against any other Jaguars alumni and do you have a story to share about that game, or games?

When we traveled up to play Calvin College I played against my former teammate Danny Parisien.  Unfortunately, Calvin won in overtime, but it was really cool to see him and his family again after the game.


What advice would you give a junior, or senior, in high school who is trying to choose a college  to play and study at?

Always think about school first and soccer second. I had offers from bigger schools, but Wooster gave me the best financial package, and had the best academics of any of the schools that I was considering playing soccer at.


Is there anything you would do differently during pre-season of your freshman year?

I would’ve spent more time working on technical drills, because I spent a lot of my time focusing on getting in shape for the season and it took me a few practices to find my touch and shot.


What is the most challenging aspect of being a student-athlete?

Balancing social life, school, work, and soccer is definitely the most difficult part of being a student athlete, but if you manage your time well and work hard the rewards are worth the effort.


Describe your favorite Jags coach in three words.

Tall. Funny. Tactical.


What is your favorite memory as a Jags player?

My favorite moment as a Jags soccer player came during my senior season when I subbed on in the sixtieth minute of a match against Toledo Celtics when we were trailing 1-0. I won a penalty to tie the match and then scored the game winning goal with 5 minutes left. The goal was a header which was very rare for me considering I’m only 5 foot 6 inches. The game was played on May 1st which was only hours after I decided to play college soccer at the College of Wooster.


Is there any advice a Jags coach gave you that you still use today?

Coach Diac and I worked on my positioning at striker. The advice he gave me about positioning and finishing I use every game when I play. Increasing my diagonal runs and striking more balls with my left foot has made me a more dynamic player and difficult player for opponents to guard for 90 minutes without making a mistake.  


Where do you hope to be in ten years?

In 10 years I hope to work In advertising at an apparel or music company using the knowledge that I gain at Wooster and potentially graduate school.


Photo Credit: Larry McKee/Oakland Press