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Nov. 18 - Dec. 8 Virtual Training Resources

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Check out this page for individual training sessions your player can work on at home, fun activites, social challenges, and more! SportsLab360 login directions and join codes can also be found below.
*PDFs are available at the bottom of the page.

additional Home Workouts

Stages 1 & 2 (U7-U12)

Workout 1 (Technical) Video | Coach James Renton 

Workout 2 (Technical) Video | Coach James Renton

Workout 3 (Technical) Video | Coach James Renton 

Workout 4 (Fitness) Video | Coach Dan Trosper 

Workout 5 (Fitness) Video | Coach Dan Trosper

Workout 6 (Technical) Video | Coach Trisha Wellock | PDF Version

Workout 7 (Technical) Video | Coach Trisha Wellock 

Workout 8 (Technical) Video | Coach Scott Emert 

Workout 9 (Fitness) Video  | Coach Dan Trosper

Workout 10 (Technical) Video | Coach Firas Al-Samarraie

Workout 11 (Fitness) Video | Coach Dan Trosper

Workout 12 (Technical) Video | Coach Trisha Wellock 

Workout 13 (Techincal) Video | Coach Joe Carver 


 Stage 3 & 4 (U13-U19)

Workout A (Technical) Video | Coach James 

Workout B (Technical) Video | Coach James

Workout C (Technical) Video | Coach James 

Workout D (Fitness) Video | Coach Dan Trosper 

Workout E (Fitness) Video | Coach Dan Trosper 

Workout F (Technical) Video | Coach Dan Diac 

Workout G (Technical) Video | Coach Dan Dalzochio 

Workout H (Technical) Video | Coach Chris Crawford

Workout I (Technical) Video | Coach Dan Diac

Workout J (Technical) Video | Coach Joe Carver 


If you have not signed up for Sportslab360 you are still able to do so using your team code. The Sports Lab join codes are linked below. Please make every effort to register using the correct team code.  
  1. Go to and click on the sign-up button in the top right corner
  2. Complete the basic information on the first prompt. On the second prompt click sign up as player.
  3. On the third prompt click sign up to an existing team.
  4. Using the attached document find your team and specific team code.

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