2017-2018 Dearborn Jaguars Coaching Assignments

The Jaguars offer Tryouts for four clubs: Michigan Jaguars, Huron Valley Jaguars, CW3 Jaguars and Dearborn Jaguars. Links to coaching assignments for each of the clubs is linked below. For additional details about tryouts, such as online registration instructions, please click here.

Click on the coach's name for a complete bio and contact information.

Team Coach League
2011 U7 Boys Green  Adam Nesbitt MSDSL
2010 U8 Boys Green  Trevor King MSDSL
2010 U8 Boys White  Tawfiq Elbaadani MSDSL
2010 U8 Boys Black  TBA MSDSL
2009 U9 Boys Green  Chris King MSDSL
2009 U9 Boys White Ryan Lucas MSDSL
2009 U9 Boys Black Adam Hall MSDSL
2008 U10 Boys Green Adam Nesbitt MSDSL
2008 U10 Boys White  Tony Ventura MSDSL
2008 U10 Boys Black  Mike Haidar MSDSL
2007 U11 Boys Green  Chris King DA
2007 U11 Boys White  Adam Nesbitt MSDSL
2007 U11 Boys Black Tawfiq Elbaadani MSDSL
2006 U12 Boys Green Mo Hijazi DA
2006 U12 Boys White  Fayad Ayoub MSDSL
2006 U12 Boys Black  TBA MSDSL
2005 U13 Boys Green Mo Hijazi MSPSL
2005 U13 Boys White Mike Haidar MSPSL
2004 U14 Boys Green  Tony Ventura MSPSL
2004 U14 Boys White TBA MSPSL
2003 U15 Boys Green  Adam Nesbitt MSPSL
2002 U16 Boys Green  Trevor King MSPSL
2011 U7 Girls Green Holly Lucas MSDSL
2010 U8 Girls Green  Holly Lucas MSDSL
2009 U9 Girls Green  Holly Lucas MSDSL
2008 U10 Girls Green Trevor King MSDSL
2008 U10 Girls White Ryan Lucas MSDSL
2007 U11 Girls Green Trevor King DA
2007 U11 Girls White Ryan Lucas MSDSL
2006 U12 Girls Green  Ryan Lucas MSDSL
2005 U13 Girls Green  Nick Chastine MSPSL
2005 U13 Girls White  Ted Ouma MSPSL
2004 U14 Girls Green Sam Mroue MSPSL
High School Girls Green Sam Mroue WSSL
League Description
Michigan State Developmental Soccer League (www.msdsl.com).
Michigan State Premier Soccer League (www.mspsl.org). Affiliated with Michigan Youth Soccer.
Michigan State Youth Soccer Association Directors Academy (www.michiganyouthsoccer.org).
Western Suburban Soccer League (www.wsslsoccer.org)